We’ll Be Back Soon at The Centre of the Internet!

technologyHello everyone, we are currently going through a site redesign and also re-thinking our message to you. Please bear with us and than you for your continued support.

In the near future we will be bringing you great info on technology, the wonders and developments with the internet and the best ways to make use of all this wonderful technology both at home and at work.

We live in an exciting time of rapid advancement and it is important for us to keep up with the times of change especially within business if we are wanting to progress and make a difference.

While we are away cooking up our new blog, check out this awesome video which gives you a glimpse at some amazing technology that is predicted to come our way over the next few years.

Our favourite is the Cicret bracelet, a bracelet that is able to transmit your mobile phone display onto your arm!

These are exciting times and we are looking forward to trying out these new gadgets!